Modern Age

The Modern Age is the present age, starting with the rise of the human empire of Nerath. So far, only modern events are dated, even then they are often only approximates (e.g. “about 300 years ago”). “CY” is the current year, so an event 300 years ago will be noted as CY‐300.

Rise of Nerath

The power vacuum left behind by Bael Turath and Arkhosia allowed Nerath to rise as a new human empire, uniting many different peoples. When elven forests or dwarven mines were overran by monsters, the survivors often flee to the nearest human town. [PHB, p.47]

The first skull lords arose from the ashes of the Black Tower of Vumerion, either created intentionally by the human necromancer or came forth spontaneously from the foul energies of his fallen sanctum. [MM, p.236]

CY‐410: The minotaur city of Saruun Khel was abandoned after a civil war. The surviving minotaurs were cursed by Baphomet with mindless fury. (Another source dated the ruins to 300 years ago instead of 100 years before the founding of Fallcrest.)[DMG, p.208; TL, p.2]

CY‐400: Events from the stories of the hero Vendar and the dragon of Nentir. [DMG, p.198]

CY‐350: Yazadoun, a tiefling warlock, erected a fortress overlooking the fields of ash that once were Vor Kragal a “few hundred years ago”. A meteorite destroyed his fortress and the site was named Yazadoun’s Folly. [DR364, p.23]

CY‐310: Human settlers from Nerath move north into the Nentir Vale, establishing Fastormel, Harkenwold, and Winterhaven. Aranda Markelhay built the Moonstone Keep, around which Fallcrest began to grow. Valthrun’s Tower was possibly built around this time. [DMG, p.198; KotS, p.20]

CY‐305 : King Eothyr III commissioned the Society of Imperial Artificers to create an adaptive artificial being “more than three centuries ago”. His son, King Elidyr, redirect the project for war, resulting in the warforged. King Elidyr led his armies against gnolls marching beneath the Ruler of Ruin’s banner. More than half of Nerath’s strongholds were razed in the war. [W&M, p.21; DR364, p.30]

CY‐200: Kalton Manor was raised by Lord Arrol Kalton, but the tenants were driven off by monsters from the Witchlight Fens. [DMG, p.207]

CY‐200: The cultists of Orcus created a gate to the Shadowfell, flooding the world with undead. Legionnaires from Nerath sealed the gate and built the Shadowfell Keep. [KotS, p.2] CY‐190: King Elidyr died, along with his heirs and trusted nobles, a “few decades” before the final disintegration of Nerath. Other sources claimed that the fall of Nerath involved orcs, goblins, demons, and perhaps a secret curse. [W&M, p.21; R&C, p.18; DR364, p.30]

CY‐186: A teenager called Maldeen joined the militia ordered to the Red Rock Pass to stop an orc invasion. His wits enabled the militia to turn the tides of battle. After he reprimanded the local baron, he was imprisoned. His followers beseiged the baron’s castle for three years, after which the baron was killed by his own general. [DR364, p.49]

CY‐183: Maldeen restored the baron’s son to power and acted as an advisor for 40 years before retiring from service. [DR364, p.49]

CY‐150: Gardmore Abbey was destroyed by evil forces after the paladins reputedly brought back a dark artifact for safekeeping. [DMG, p.206]

CY‐130: The night hag Grigwartha led her coven to create the first boneclaw via a ritual that conbines ogre parts with oni souls “over a century ago”. [MM, p.37]

CY‐120: Varain Cawdorai, a raven‐haired elf, encountered the retired Maldeen as an old man and became the first Gray Wolf. When she was past her middle age (100+ years old), she became a pack master of the Gray Wolves. [DR364, p.53; PHB, p.41]

CY‐116: Refugees from Delkarem’s Vale fled into Starfall Forest. Maldeen, then 84‐year‐old, died after scattering the pursuing ogres. He became a folk hero and the Gray Wolves began to grow in numbers. [DR364, p.49]

CY‐110: Troglodytes have occupied Hrak Azuul, the Fungal Fortress, for “over a hundred years”. [W&M, p.37]

CY‐105: Sir Malagant challenged the alienist cult leader to single combat in the Warwood. Both leaders died, resulting in the scattering of both armies. [DU155, pp.61‐63, 78]

CY‐100: After “a few decades” without a king, Nerath finally disintegrated into independent states. Talon Pass was sacked by barbarians shortly before the collapse. [DMG, p.198; ToTP, p.1; DR364, p.30]

Modern Age

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