Dawn Age

The Dawn Age was a time of mortals rising up to dominate the world, after the gods have retreated to their astral dominions. The chronology of events during this time is extremely shaky. Without inter‐event references, it is difficult to determine whether an event occurred before or after another event. When the world was young, a tribe of humans, called the Shadar‐Kai, came to fear death and made a pact with the Raven Queen to be her servants in exchange for a shadowy form of agelessness. Since the shadow form isn’t true immortality, they used pain to prevent succumbing to the ennui of the Shadowfell. [W&M, p.53]

Eladrins founded several realms, including the Anauli Empire, the Realm of the Twin Queens, and the Empire of Cendriane. [W&M, p.22]

Before Bael Turath became corrupted, the eladrins of Cendriane pushed back magical and planar boundaries, opening a gate in the heart of a lost mountain. Within days, every citizen vanished, leaving their crystal cities to slowly fall into ruin. [W&M, p.22]

The mind flayers came from the Far Realm and created an empire, using the gith and the duergar as slaves. (The theory that the mind flayers came from the future is a misinterpretation of the Sargonne Prophecies.) The gith revolted and became divided after winning their freedom. The githyanki fled to the Astral Sea, while the githzerai fled to the Elemental Chaos. The githyanki formed an alliance with red dragons. [MM, pp.128‐131, 188; TL, p.20; W&M, p.81]

Dwarves built great empires which later collapsed for unknown reasons. [R&C, p.28]

Gar Morra, the City in the Deep, was abandoned by the dwarves. [W&M, p.37]

The proto‐yuan‐ti founded the empire of Zannad, mastering flesh‐contorting magic to improve themselves into the modern yuan‐ti. But the magic warped their minds as well, and their society slowly rotted from within. [W&M, p.22; MM, pp.269‐271]

Hobgoblins carved out an empire with goblins and bugbears as servants. They developed magical methods to breed beasts for various purposes. Goblins and bugbears may have been the results of magical breeding projects. The empire fell due to civil strife and possibly fey interferences. [MM, p.135]

An evil elf witch‐queen was exiled by a hero who broke the magic tiara that allowed her to spy on her subjects as a golden eagle. She and her descendants became cursed with half‐bird forms, becoming the first harpies. [MM, p.154]

Dawn Age

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